After three studio albums and several tours, The Partisan Seed releases a new album titled ‘Angels On The Boardwalk’(2014).
By the fourth album, there’s not much to say about The Partisan Seed, the best thing is to feel it. ‘Angels On The Boardwalk‘is a renovated embrace to the ones who follow Filipe Miranda’s work and at the same time it gives a warm welcome to newlisteners, with arms wide open.
The album had the collaboration of Lisete Santos and Helena Ressurreição (vocals), Sérgio Mendes (guitar), Pedro Oliveira (drums), Guilherme Bogas (saxophone) and Paul Bond (piano and vocals). Instruments, vocals and field recordings were made between Portugal, The Netherlands, Marocco and Belgium; sound engineering by Filipe Miranda, João Coutada and Paul Bond. Mixed and mastered by Paulo Miranda at AMP Studio.